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A Stepwise Guide to Make Fishing Knots

The right fishing knot for the right purpose makes a lot of difference. It decides between the landing and catching of the catch for the fishermen. A master angler will definitely know about where to use a particular knot. Do keep in mind that each knot has its own varying purposes. Let us now drill […]

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Getting Used to Fishing Knots in a Gist

Tying a fishing knot appropriately is indeed a challenge. An improperly tied fishing knot will weaken the entire line. On the contrary, if a fishing knot is tied up correctly, it results in strengthening the line. Thus is the importance of a fishing knot. There are a number of knots which are tied up in […]

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Observe Your Fish and Pond

If you have a pond that has fish in it, how many times to you observe what happens to the ecology of the pond? It is important to know what to look for when certain conditions change and what they may mean to you and your pond. We all know or should know that when […]

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Pitfalls To Avoid When You Buy Aquarium Fish

Aquarium owners, over the years, have worked their way through all the fish that it is possible keep at home, and have found out which fish are the best for these purposes. There is some fish that happen to play nice with other fish and live well in a home fish tank. There are however […]

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Taking the Plunge Into – Something Fishy

Fishing knots serve the purpose of ensuring the tackle to be in the right place, intact. These are indeed not the regular ties. They are a combination of hooks, swivels, sinkers in the end of line. Find below a list of few fishing knots: Alberto: This knot is tied using two unequal lines of different […]

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